Port25 Summit Europe: Deliverability experts share their insights

What does deliverability and email marketing take in 2019?

We asked some of the speakers and users from the community at the Port25 Summit 2018 to give us a sneak peak of what and their best advice what deliverability takes in 2018 and beyond, including new protocols, legislation, business and new techniques. Here is what they had to say.

How the right ESP can skyrocket your email ROI

How do you get more ROI from your email marketing campaigns? Is it all about what you write and send? Not really.

Your email ROI is influenced by the very first step you take – choosing your ESP.
Let’s see how you can make a choice, that will boost your ROI from the very beginning.

6 special transactional email functions you can’t afford to miss

Transactional emails are often the most valuable emails you can ever send. Deliverability is super important, because you don’t just want them to arrive: you need them all to arrive.

But there is more to transactional email beyond deliverability, what else is there to improve our transactional emails?

The anatomy of a professional email marketing team

As a business manager you may be wondering about the skills needed in an email marketing team. Or maybe you are looking to go deep into email marketing yourself and want to know what jobs to scout for.

We made an overview including the typical email marketing job descriptions so you know you have the important areas covered.

The 6 Essential Features You Need for Email Targeting (with cases)

Email targeting is what gives email marketing its incredible ROI.

By this point, you’ve heard about how powerful email marketing is. You’ve seen one of the many email ROI studies that shows 38 to 1 (or 44 to 1, or 40 to 1) return on investment for every dollar spent on email.

Email marketing lets you have a one-on-one conversation with your audience. It’s a platform that you own—no one can ever take away your email list.

And all of that is true. But it’s also incomplete.

The Complete Guide To Choosing The Right CRM

how to choose the best crm

Last year the Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) market grew 15% compared to a year before. This is very logical. Customers and new laws expect companies to manage, collect and use their customer data well.

If your business doesn’t currently use a CRM, it’s definitely time to make the move.

Knowledge is Power: Getting the Best Email Marketing Training

Knowledge is power. In my many years as a marketing strategy consultant, I gave and saw a lot of training. But not every training is the same. It’s important to get the right type.

So, from my experience, here is a guide to the email marketing training options out there.

Forrester Wave email marketing vendors 2018 – our analysis

Forrester Research released their latest version of the Forrester Wave Email Marketing Email Marketing Service Providers report q2 2018. The Wave report gives an overview of how participating email service providers in the Enterprise segment for B2C marketing rank compared to each other.

Drip Marketing Automation Review (2018)

What is Drip all about?

Drip’s main focus is on automation and funnels, and can cover everything your business needs when it comes to email marketing.

But is it a good fit for your business right now? This Drip review should help you make the right decision.

Strategy Roadmap for Email Marketing in Travel and Hospitality

Done right, email marketing is one of the best performing channels for the travel and tourism industry. So it’s time you start taking full advantage of it. The ticket to success lies in a email marketing strategy that will grow your big or small business.

But how? To master email marketing in Travel, you definitely need to bring two things: