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  • The Guide to Successful Ecommerce SMS Marketing — Why and How to StartSMS has been a rock solid marketing channel for a long time. Some brands have embraced text messaging. Others are hesitant to pull the trigger, fearing it may be too invasive and drive customers away. Evidence shows that SMS Marketing gets results for any ecommerce company.     Why should you start collecting mobile numbers and using […]
  • ActiveCampaign Review 2021 – is it right for you? Features, Pros & ConsActiveCampaign is a very popular email automation tool. But is it right for you? Let’s find out. In this ActiveCampaign review, we’ll see just how good this newsletter marketing and email automation software holds up. We’ll look at all the features, ActiveCampaign pricing, Pros and Cons and alternatives.
  • Four Simple Steps for making a CDP vs ESP decisionFor marketers today, it's becoming increasingly unclear: Do you need both a CDP and ESP? And if so, which one to select first? This four step process that helps you go through a combined ESP and Customer Data Platform (CDP) selection.
  • How to create an evergreen webinar – The perfect plan and tools for automated webinarsVideo and webinars are hot! But evergreen webinars will bring in a multiple of the results. How to create an evergreen webinar? What webinar tools and process to use for your automated webinars? Lets have a look.
  • The ultimate fashion email and marketing automation guideThis ultimate guide shows all the ins and outs to email marketing for Fashion and Apparel. The campaigns not to miss in your 2021 marketing plan, with inspiring fashion example emails. And the 8 factors for a successful email strategy. Let’s dive into fashion marketing and a Customer Experience benchmark.
  • How to take your brick-and-mortar store online in 2021 Over 2.14 billion customers are buying goods and services online this year. That is a lot of potential. And you don't want to leave that market share to your competitors. So retailers need to start an e-commerce shop and website, but how to get started? In this guide we'll help you through all the steps involved to take your brick-and-mortar store online.
  • 15+ Best Online Course Platforms in 2021Online courses are more popular than ever. With so many customers eager to learn is a big opportunity for anyone who wants to have their own course. To successfully craft and sell your course you’ll need a great online course builder. In this guide I review the best online course platforms for you. So take a breath and lets dive in.
  • Bronto End of Life, what’s next? (get our free Selection mini-masterclass)The Bronto Marketing Platform now has a End of Live status. Senders on Bronto are forced to change their plans and start looking for a new ESP or marketing automation solution. so we put together a free mini-masterclass for you. Be fast, the last date of service on your Bronto platform is May 2022, best to start your selection as soon as possible.

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