CSA Certified Senders

Here is a list of all email vendors that are approved members of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), a quality certification for commercial emailings. Find out more about the Certified Senders Alliance.

Adobe Campaign

Connect through every channel
Adobe Campaign (previously Neolane) is the cross channel campaign management solution of the Adobe Marketing cloud.
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Full Service Newsletter Software
adRom a digital direct marketing company. One of the email providers in German-speaking region with a focus on lead generation.
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Marketing Automation
AGNITAS combines classical direct- and dialogue-marketing activities with the advantages of the internet to professional e-mail marketing.
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Dialogue Marketing software
artegic provides strategic consulting, technology and business services for online crm and dialogue marketing with email, mobile and social.
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Arvato Systems elettershop

Email campaign sending software
arvato systems is het name behind email provider elettershop. The marketing dispatch and reporting solution for email, text messaging, and fax. Email services include outsourcing and application management.
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email Marketing and Newsletter-Software
Backclick is a e-mail marketing software platform offered in SaaS and on-premise.
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Digital marketing agency from France
Ispace Systems & Communications / BananaCloud is a french digital marketing agency that also does email marketing strategy, campaign building, email design, copy.
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Email and newsletter Marketing platform
BeMail is an Italian email marketing software of Ketchup performance marketing agency.
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Cheetah Digital

Enterprise cross-channel marketing solutions provider
Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for consumer marketers.
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Digital customer communications platform.
Circulator is a digital customer communications platform with a custom digital agency approach.
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Clever Elements

email Marketing Software
Behind the name Clever Elements is a web-based tool for creating and sending e-mail newsletters.
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email marketing software
CleverReach is an international e-mail marketing company. With their cloud-based solution they help companies around the world with the creation, mailing and analysis of e-mail marketing campaigns.
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IT Solution Architects and digital marketing firms
ComConnect offers integrated IT solutions, providing scalable email server infrastructure and email deliverability optimization.
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CRM and digital marketing solutions
Consultix is an international ESP, that offers their flagship product, the ProCampaign customer engagement platform.
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Copernica Marketing Software

Tool for email marketing and email automation
Copernica Marketing Software is campaign management software for e-mail, webpages, mobile messaging and PDF.
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CQ International

IT services and infrastructure
CQ International provides IT services. Next to server hosting, online-billing interfaces, e-commerce platforms, professional email hosting and more.
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Dialogue1 Amity

Content and email marketing company
Dialogue1 is a German software solution provider. They are Email providers and the creators of the Amity marketing automation platform.
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Email marketing software
DoctorSender is an online mailing system. Marketing can create, manage, analyse and optimize their newsletters and e-blasts with this email marketing campaign software.
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Web development
Drumedar is a German web development firm that specializes in development for enterprise solutions.
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Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
MailPlatform is one of Denmark's largest email marketing companies. Serious email marketing business for b2c and b2b companies.
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All-in-One Online Marketing Software
eMarketeer is an online marketing automation platform serving over 1500 companies worldwide.
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B2C Marketing Automation
Emarsys is a provider of omnichannel and email marketing solutions platform and services, with their own SaaS platform.
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Email marketing software from Germany
Empaction offers email marketing services and their own system for email marketing, surveys, landing pages, sms and fax.
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Engelmann Media

Freeware software
Engelmann Media is a do it yourself software distributer.
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Automated email all-in-one platform
euro.message is a cloud based digital marketing provider that offers multi-channel campaign management and marketing automation solutions on a cross-channel platform.
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Email Marketing, Newsletters, Event Marketing
The German Eyepin web-based email marketing software allows marketers to create email campaigns, deliver them to your customers and evaluate the results and stats.
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Flatrate Newsletter

Newsletter dispatch and follow-up campaigns
Flatrate Newsletter is a product of Indoblo Commerce, email marketing services for one flat rate.
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Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses
GetResponse is a popular email marketing and automation software platform with list management, automation and full newsletter sending,
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Hello Mail Interactive

Online Direkt marketing and addresses
Hello Mail is a marketing company headquartered in Hamburg that specializes in email list rental, lottery campaigns and sweepstakes.
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Silverpop is an marketing technology provider that offers a marketing automation solution built atop a scalable email marketing platform.
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Value-Driven email-Marketing
The email marketing solution Inxmail Professional offers email marketing technology and supplementary services for marketeers and agencies.
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German SMTP newsletter server
iS-Fun is a German web hosting company that offers internet domain services and e-newsletter distribution.
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email Marketing & email sending system
Consulting agency for direct digital marketing. Kajomi provides Kajomi MAIL a newsletter software solution.
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Klick Tipp

German automated email marketing software
Klick Tipp is a German ESP. that offers tagging functionality withing the email tool and contact database.
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KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing

Data, Technology and services
Schober Group supports organizations by delivering information on existing customers, potential customers and the market as a whole.
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Liana Technologies

Software fueling Digital Marketing
Liana Technologies is a European vendor with email, marketing automation, and other digital communication software.
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Newsletter software
Mail2many is newsletter Software especially for companies with local distribution partners.
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Simple newsletter software
Mailflatrate is a German ESP and newsletter system. Marketers can create compelling newsletters by themselves.
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Software & Service for email Marketing
Mailwork is a software platform for the implementation of cross-media e-mail, letter, post card, SMS and fax marketing campaigns.
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Powerful Emailing Service and Effective Email Solution
Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that ensures maximum insight and deliverability results for marketing and transactional emails.
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Premium automated email platform
Mailkit is a data-oriented marketing automation platform with dynamic content, intelligent targeting, high deliverability and marketer friendly reporting for both transactional and marketing campaigns.
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Email Marketing Software
The MailUp email and SMS delivery platform combines email marketing and automation tools with SMTP relay for transactional emails and plugins for e-commerce, CRM, and CMS systems.
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Newsletter Software and eMail Marketing Tool
MailXpert is an email marketing software company from Zurich, Switzerland that also offers email marketing services.
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Mapp Digital

Cloud-based digital marketing provider
Mapp Digital provides a customer engagement platform and services for your email, social, mobile and web marketing to optimize customer journeys.
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German Enterprise Marketing Platform
Martrexo is an enterprise marketing solution for personalized e-mail newsletters, direct messaging and social media.
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email and Omnichannel Marketing
Mayoris is full service in in sustainable email based marketing and able to create your campaign from scratch if needed.
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Mister Mail

Email Marketing Solutions
Mister Mail is an ESP that helps a variety of organizations communicate via our proprietary email marketing software and services.
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Internet agency
NCM is an internet communications support company specialized in tourism marketing founded and is headquartered in Salzburg.
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Newsletter promotion

Email Marketing and newsletter sending
Newsletterpromotion.de is a German email service provider founded in 2002
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Email Marketing Software for Business
Newsletter2Go is an email software provider specifically tailored to (online-) retailers, agencies, associations and your typical mid-sized company.
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Commercial information and Marketing services
Commercial information and marketing services like Email Marketing, Segmentation and Big Data analytics.
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Media+science - Customer Experience Company
Pinuts is a full-service Internet system house and multimedia agency located in Berlin, Germany.
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E-marketing competence
Promio.net set up business as an e-mail marketing agency in Germany. Offering e-marketing & online research.
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An advertising agency and marketing consultancy
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Quentn is a marketing communication tool which enables “big data” analysis for small and medium businesses. The tool offers solutions for publishing, data analysis, marketing and sales.
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Online newsletter software
Rapidmail is a software that creates & sends newsletters. You can manage recipients and analyze the statistics.
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Marketing Automation Technology & CDP
RedEye is an AI-driven Marketing Automation Platform and Customer Data Platform. This gives brands the capability to use data to drive more revenue.
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Cloud-based Managed Services for Email
Retarus is an information technology company that provides communication solutions, and related consulting and training.
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Multi-niche media and publishing
Russmedia IT is an international media company with roots in print media, while also using modern technology.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)

Email Marketing Software Customized Solutions
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) is a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions.
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SC-Networks Evalanche

Email Marketing Automation Software
SC-Networks / Evalanche is an email software solution developed for agencies and major corporations with international operations .
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Selligent Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud and automation
Selligent offers conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions.
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Send Effect

Email Marketing with send effect
The German ESP Send Effect is a business unit of WEBanizer AG founded in 2014.
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Email Marketing & Autoresponder Software
SendinBlue’s platform enables SMB businesses to manage the sending and tracking of marketing & transactional emails and SMS.
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Omnichannel Marketing Platform
Newsletter management for heavy traffic websites with integration of email upstream steps such as works on files, data mining and messaging.
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Ternair software

Powerful marketing automation 
Ternair Software supplies enterprise marketing automation and database marketing software for the Dutch market.
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International email marketing, marketing automation
Webpower is an international player in smart email marketing and marketing automation solutions.
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WeKloud Kloudymail

Software for newsletter and DEM. email marketing platform
Kloudymail is a newsletter platform with SMS and simple triggered email automations.
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Wilken AG

ERP, CRM and email marketing solutions for medium to large companies in Germany
Wilken offers CRM and email marketing solutions for medium to enterprise companies. With Automation, Reporting and industry focus.
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email Marketing Newsletter Software
XQueue provides flexible, scalable email marketing solutions. The flagship product Maileon was launched in 2013.
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ZOHO Campaigns

Email Marketing Software and Campaigns
Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing tool with automations from the makers of the popular ZOHO CRM suite.
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