SMTP, Relay and Deliverability

A list of SMTP, Email Relay and deliverability providers that matter

Looking for the right software to send your email and get it delivered? Below is our hand-curated list of SMTP, Email Relay and deliverability companies that matter, making it easier to go through and pick the best email send provider to get your emails delivered to the inbox.


Outgoing authenticated SMTP server and email relay service
AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service for your e-commerce website, mailing list or email application.
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High Performance Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
EmailSuccess is an enterprise level SMTP Server and MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) solution for high volume email. EmailSuccess is fit for senders of any size: ESPs and Marketing Automation Companies.
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Email Workflow Management for Shared Mailboxes
Emailtopia provides software for managing transactional email and corporate email infrastructures.
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Email delivery platform
Flowmailer makes sure every email gets delivered. Professional automated transactional email, notification and more types of messages. With redefined delivery from a highly reliable SMTP relay.
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SMTP Service & Email Delivery service
Inboxroad outbound mail servers provide a solid foundation to ensure the highest inbox rates for your email.
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Mailgun is an SMTP relay service to send marketing and transactional emails. Developper focussed, they offer API email sending and managed email delievrability services.
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Powerful Emailing Service and Effective Email Solution
Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that ensures maximum insight and deliverability results for marketing and transactional emails.
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Global SMTP service provides a cloud based SMTP sending system over dedicated and shared IPs.
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Platform for email and Performance Marketers
Ongage is the first email marketing front-end platform that connects to multiple Email providers, ESPs and SMTP relays to increase deliverability and ROI
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Fast email delivery server
Pepipost provides web and SMTP APIs, which can be integrated with your application or website to send all sorts of triggered and transactional emails.
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Email API for transactional emails
PostageApp is an email management service that let's you design, deliver and manage emails from web apps.
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Transactional Email Service, Email Delivery
Postmark enables web applications to deliver and track transactional email, with short setup time and zero maintenance.
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Email infrastructure, deliverability & monitoring
Postmastery provides ‘best in class' tools & services for email infrastructure, email delivery optimization and email monitoring. Deliverability tools and services created for and by email deliverability experts.
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Email deliverability monitoring solution
SendForensics is a global provider of unique pre-emptive deliverability and network management solutions for email marketers, agencies, ESPs and enterprise-level high-volume senders.
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Email Delivery Service
SendGrid helps marketers focus on their business without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an email infrastructure to ensure deliverability. SendGrid can manage all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure, ISP outreach, reputation monitoring, whitelisting services and real time analytics.
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Reliable & Scalable Email Delivery Service
SMTP2GO is an international SMTP Relay and outgoing email service for sending transactional and marketing emails.
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Email Delivery and Analytics for Developers and Enterprises
SparkPost is one of the biggest global SMTP email relay and email delivery services.
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