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If you are looking for the best email marketing software, that can be quite a struggle. Going through email software reviews, countless articles that try to give advice about how to choose the best email marketing software but don’t get to the point. The point being of course that you need to first know more, specifically on the how to select and what to look for. Be informed first..

Here is some real help to get you started:
1. Setting the right requirements
2. When you need an RFP and when you don’t
3. The difference between small, medium and enterprise email marketing
4. List of all the email marketing vendors to consider
5. All the terms you should know
6. 21 questions to ask an ESP to see if they are the right one for you

If you are on a budget:
A review of 7 cheap and free email marketing software

If you have some further questions, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

– Jordie van Rijn, Founder of Emailvendorselection

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Selecting the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your business

Many businesses would love their customers to stay engaged throughout the customer journey. This calls for automation and a special kind. With email workflows you save significant time. Automated email marketing steps and tasks are more effective. But what is the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your business?

5x How Email Marketing Software Can Make You Go Wow

During an ESP selection most email marketing professionals would secretly want to get WOW-ed and swiped off their feet by what the email software offers. Some functionalities have the Power of WOW. They could make your life easier, better and incredibly awesome. Lets zoom in on 5 functionalities you want to be WOW-ed by during the selection process.

Why The Best ESP Might Not Be an ESP

The best email service provider for your business might not be an ESP. It might that be an agency, consultant or VAR (Value Added Reseller) can serve you better. Such a third party can act as a reseller, so you’re still using email marketing software, but you’re not buying directly from (or dealing directly with) […]

How to select the ESP with the best email segmentation module

Choosing an Email provider is not an easy task. There are hundreds of email marketing tools and apart from few exceptions, they all seem to look quite the same. A journey through the email software world usually starts with sketching the list of features you need for running email marketing campaigns. If segmentation is somewhere […]

5 signs you are getting the Best Email Newsletter Tool

Finding the best email newsletter tool is vital to gaining the most interest in your business easily. Through email marketing your clientele know what’s on offer, what’s new and most importantly – gets them interested. Without interest there is no sale, so if your tools allow you to nail that in the best way possible, […]

21 Questions to Evaluate Even The Best Email Service Providers And See If They Are “the One”

Even with all the work invested in looking at the best email service providers and choosing the one right for you, simply starting with—or sticking with—an ESP doesn’t guarantee success. As with any relationship, personal or professional, things are bound to change. Is your current ESP still one of the best email service providers, are […]

5 Signs of a Quality Email Newsletter Tool

Impressions are important. Your business is important. Newsletters are a great way to promote your services. They are often the first concrete contact point between you and a potential customer and could very well be the last one. So what impression is your newsletter giving to your all important client base?

Email Service Provider Comparison listed as top challenge

Need help with an Email Service Provider Comparison? It appears you are not the only one. Reported by the EEC, comparing Email Service Providers is one of the top 10 challenges that email marketers face today. We found it quite surprising that Email Service Provider comparison is one of the top challenges in email marketing.
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